Sleeping Pods At Heathrow Terminal 3


JunkMonkey – Creative Commons Licence

No 1 Traveller has recently opened sleeping pods you can rent by the hour at London Heathrow Airport  Terminal 3. Although it is a  great way to cater for those on extended transit stops, it would seem that the value of sleep is often lost on  travellers  and busy people UNTIL they can’t get to sleep.

In today’s  fast paced world sleep is often seen as superfluous to requirements.  Sleep habits are poor and the results can be quite disastrous. Basic sleep hygiene is often neglected or ignored, or worse we think we can cheat the system and get away with it.  A study involving competitive students studying for term papers and exams showed how we tend to build up “sleep debt” which reduces performance.

So while you may have heard it all before it is worth repeating – good sleep hygiene is worth the effort and should be part of everyone’s bed time habit.

  • Sleep in a dark well ventilated room.
  • Reserve your bedroom for sleeping!
  • Have as little distraction as possible  – TV and radio belong in other parts of the house.


As a frequent flier a pair of noise cancelling headphones should always be part of you luggage on and off the plane.


Did you know that sleep is the only time nerve energy is replenished.

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