Jet lag Q&A

All the questions and answers about jet lag you could possibly ask answered from the perspective of a nutritional therapist and 15 year veteran of long and short-haul flying.

Gathered from Clients,Passengers,Quora,Twitter,Inbox Q,A 13,000 strong cabin crew community and anyone silly enough to ask me a question.

WARNING These answers can seriously have a positive impact on your health

Ps All answers for the Twitter Hashtag #Jet lag Q&A will be found here.


Q What are the best options for jet lagged fliers facing a long drive after arrival? #Jet lag Q&A
– Staying awake after a flight to drive can be the difference between life and death. This is one of the few times I would recommend caffeine. Note, backing off caffeine before your trip is one way to make it more potent when you need it!

Q What should every flier travel with to ensure a restful flight #Jet lag Q&A
– Noise cancelling headphones,a smartphone, brainwave apps that copy our brainwave activity and encourage sleep.

Q What type of meals should you eat after flying?#Jet lag Q&A
– Alkaline and water rich meals are best to rehydrate and nourish your digestive tract and body.

Q Why is it important to eat on local time on arrival ?#Jet lag Q&A
– Because it is one of the simpler ways to tell you body to get on local time quickly.

Q What’s the best shop in an airport for a jet lagged flier? #Jet lag Q&A
– The Juice Bar where you can immediately find structured water in fresh juices to help you rehydrate (better than any bottled water, guaranteed)

Q What type of foods should avoid after your flight ?#Jet lag Q&A
– Heavy complex meals that don’t digest easily and cause acid and gas, further adding to the acids from flying.

Q What is an easy way to stay hydrated on a plane when the TSA ban ur liquids? #Jet lag Q&A
– Supplement with Megahydrate, available online, no other supplement like it.


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